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LG Magna e-Powertrain improves driving performance by providing optimized products which achieve maximum efficiency. Excellent technological capabilities and know-how in electric vehicles also produce a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.

Eco-friendly power design that maximizes driving performance

The driving motor is the heart of electric vehicles and is a key component that determines driving performance. The drive motor, which performs the same role as the internal combustion engine, not only produces no exhaust gas, but also has less noise and vibration compared to the engine, providing the driver with a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. Also, unlike internal combustion engines that gradually increase the RPM by applying heat to the engine, the drive motor controls the torque with the amount of current so that it can generate maximum torque at the same time as starting.
LG Magna e-Powertrain provides optimal drive motor solutions to meet the diverse needs of global automakers based on superior design and manufacturing technology.


  • MHEV ~ BEV application
  • Hairpin wire / Round wire
  • PMSM / ASM
  • Modular Design
  • Air cooling / Water cooling / Oil cooling


  • Optimization design by motor type
  • Automation of core production processes
  • High efficiency / High power / High torque solutions
  • Rare earth-less solution
  • 48V / 400V / 800V solutions


Power (kW) ~25
Torque (Nm)~90
Speed (rpm)~20,000
Voltage (V)48V, 400V
Efficiency (%)96~
Technical Specifications


Power (kW) 75 (50~100)
Torque (Nm)150 (100~200)
Speed (rpm)~16,000
Voltage (V)400V, 800V
ApplicationBEV, (P)HEV
Efficiency (%)96~
Technical Specifications


Power (kW) 160 (120~180)
Torque (Nm)300 (250~400)
Speed (rpm)~16,000
Voltage (V)400V, 800V
ApplicationBEV, PHEV
Efficiency (%)96~
Technical Specifications


Power (kW) 200 (180~300)
Torque (Nm)400 (350~500)
Speed (rpm)~16,000
Voltage (V)400V, 800V
Efficiency (%)96~
Technical Specifications