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Company LG Way

The LG Way is a unique management philosophy that has been passed down through generations of LG managers and employees.

LG Way Overview

The LG Way is LG’s unique management philosophy,
which guides the thoughts and actions of all LG associates.

The LG Way aims to achieve LG’s vision of “No. 1 LG”, by practicing “People-oriented Management”, and “Creating Values for Customers” through “Jeong-Do Management”.

  • VisionThe ultimate goal of LG is to be recognized as the market leader in business performance as well as in management practices
  • Behavioral ModeEthical management and code of conduct to enable capability development and fair competition
  • Management
    The fundamental organizational principle
    guiding LG from beginning as a firm


No. 1 LG is the ultimate goal of becoming a market leader
in business performance as well as in management practices.


    a trustworthy brand that provides
    best products and services

  • To Employees

    a great workplace that talented
    individuals want to join

  • To Investors

    a secure investment that yields
    sustained high returns

  • To Competitors

    a leader that competitors are willing
    to learn from

Behavioral Mode

Jeong-Do Management is an ethical management and code of conduct to enable capability development and fair competition.

What is “Jeong-Do” Management?

“Jeong-Do” Management represents LG’s unique code of conduct. “Jeong-Do” Management does not only stand for ethics management. True “Jeong-Do” Management goes beyond ethics management. It encompasses producing substantial results with the knowledge to thrive in a competitive world.

    Work transparently according to principles and standards
    Provide equal opportunities and fair treatment in every transactional relationship
    Improve capabilities with which one can fairly win the competition

Management Principles

LG’s management philosophy embraces “Creating Values for Customers” and “People-oriented Management”
as the company’s main operating principles.

Customer-Value Creation

  1. Customer first

    • Think of customers as the top priority – the starting point of management.
    • Make decisions with the emphasis on the end-user.
  2. Delivery of substantive value

    • Be one step ahead in finding latent customer needs.
    • Provide the best products and services that exceed customer expectations.
  3. Innovation-driven creation

    • Come up with differentiated ideas that step “outside the box”.
    • Always look for and practice better method and practices.

People-Oriented Management

  1. Self-management and creativity

    • Take ownership in all matters and take initiatives.
    • Break free from conventional ways to pursue new ideas and think outside the box.
  2. Respect for human dignity

    • Respect diversity and dignity of individuals.
    • Consider people as the most important asset.
  3. Capability development and actualization

    • Believe in your ability to become Number One and focus on developing competencies through work.
    • Provide the opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their potentials to the maximum.
  4. Performance-based reward

    • Set a challenging goal and make sustained achievements.
    • Evaluate and compensate fairly to reflect short and long-term achievements.