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Company Vision

LG Magna e-Powertrain leads the trend of creating an eco-friendly clean future by transparent working which follows principles and standards based on ethical management, as well as leading the global electric vehicle market by providing the best technologies and products.


Innovate Mobility,
Drive a Better Life


Global No.1 e-Mobility Solution Partner

  1. Technologies & Products of the Highest Value
  2. Profitable Growth, Together with Customers
  3. Contribution to Sustainable Society

Core Value

  • Customer-focused
    • We meticulously analyze customer needs and place it at the heart of our decision making
    • We respond to customer requests with agility and deliver distinguishing values
  • Collaboration
    • We build trust based on open communication and mutual respect
    • We take the initiative to collaborate with each other, constantly evolving as a team
  • Goal-oriented
    • We set clear goals and go above and beyond to achieve aligned goals
    • We follow the rules, nurture our capability, do the right thing, and maintain professional integrity
  • Innovation
    • We enhance competitiveness via differentiated technologies and operational excellence
    • We lead the change through creative thinking and challenging spirit