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LG Magna e-Powertrain conduce la tendencia de crear un futuro limpio y ecológicamente amigable mediante un trabajo transparente que sigue principios y estándares basados en una gestión ética, además de un liderazgo en el mercado mundial de vehículos eléctricos proporcionando las mejores tecnologías y productos.


Innovate Mobility,
Drive a Better Life


Global No.1 e-Mobility Solution Partner

  1. Technologies & Products of the Highest Value
  2. Profitable Growth, Together with Customers
  3. Contribution to Sustainable Society

Core Value

  • Customer-focused
    • We meticulously analyze customer needs and place it at the heart of our decision making
    • We respond to customer requests with agility and deliver distinguishing values
  • Collaboration
    • We build trust based on open communication and mutual respect
    • We take the initiative to collaborate with each other, constantly evolving as a team
  • Goal-oriented
    • We set clear goals and go above and beyond to achieve aligned goals
    • We follow the rules, nurture our capability, do the right thing, and maintain professional integrity
  • Innovation
    • We enhance competitiveness via differentiated technologies and operational excellence
    • We lead the change through creative thinking and challenging spirit